FULL MEMBERSHIP (Hen + Roosters)

  • 20 Hens & 30 Roosters


  • 50 Roosters

CORP. MEMBERSHIP (Hen + Roosters)

  • 85 Roosters + 55 Hens


  • 140 Roosters

Multiple Ranches to Hunt

      • With Little Canyon Shooting you Hunt The Northwest not just one ranch!  Membership privileges may be exercised at “any ” of our hunting ranches!
      • Bird Quota based on released birds.
      • When you purchase a membership you get FIRST PRIORITY on booking dates.
      • Unlimited Guests
      • Hunting hours your choice.
      • Discount on sporting clays and meals.
      • Extra birds- Roosters $30.00 ea. Hens $25.00 ea.
      • Overnight Lodging $95.00 per day per person.

We accept Visa & Mastercard but please add an additional 3%.  Also please realize that tax will be added to the above totals in accordance with our state sales tax laws.

Note: All annual memberships are for a full 12 months. Membership starts on the initial day of ‘sign up’ and is good for 365 days from that origination date.

Click Here to Contact Us… Make Sure You Include Details On Which Membership You Would like!